I just saw your post for the Chrom print for AX. I NEED TO SEE YOU AT AX. PLEASE.

HLAJFEL UWAHH //// looking forward to seeing you at AX!!! :D <33

Hello! I’ll be at Anime Expo this year with 7 prints! My table is F16 and it’ll be my first time tabling * v * my table partner will be Axus!!

Please stop by and say hi! :D <333

AA map created by sayonararolling! Thank you for the awesome map!

The front of my business card! I drew my mascot Daisy!

Two Free! 11” x 17” prints for AX! I cropped and combined them into one image here.

7th Dragon 2020 Miku print for AX! I really like her design in the game. * V *

11” x 17” print of Chrom for AX!

Print of Mirai for AX!


Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of art posts.  I’ve been busy with rl stuffs and I’m currently aiming to be a portrait artist.  I decided to open up commissions so I can pay for my own lessons and fend for myself.

Please follow this link for more samples.

Please Read:

✿ Paypal only, all payments should be in USD.
✿ Prices posted above are exclusive of paypal fees.
✿ Slots are per person, not per art. So you can order as much as you want (But if it’s too many for me to handle, I’ll let you know.)
✿ I’ll only start working on your order once I’ve received the payment.
✿ I have the right to turn down an order if I think I won’t be able to do it.
✿ I may ask for additional payment if the character design is too complicated or carrying a weapon/item.
✿ Animals are considered as additional character and payment varies according to complexity.
✿ I won’t draw R-18, mecha, and furries.
✿ I won’t be doing detailed backgrounds at the moment as they are really time-consuming, but I’ll offer them in the future.  You may ask me to add an abstract/textured background on fully-colored arts, otherwise, I’ll leave it white.
✿ All commissions are not subject to deadlines so please do not rush me, but I’ll do my best to finish as fast as I can.
All commissioned arts are for personal use only.  If you want to commission an art for commercial use, please note me for negotiations.
✿ I’ll be uploading the completed works on my DA gallery and on my tumblr, unless requested not to do so.
Only for fully-colored halfbody/fullbody orders: Let me know if you’d like to see the sketch before I start with the lineart (I won’t do revisions after the lineart has been completed).  Bear in mind that I won’t be able to proceed while I haven’t received your confirmation.

How to Order:

  • Send me a message titled "Art Commission" using the form below.  Tumblr’s messaging system is inconvenient so you can contact me through my Deviantart or email me at ymirre@gmail.com.

Commission Type: (sketch - headshot; fullycolored - fullbody, etc.)
Number of Characters: (additional character doubles the price)
Character Reference: (visual reference is required and a bit of the character’s info)
Additional Info: (expression, pose reference, background color or anything you’d like to specify)

  • Wait for my confirmation, I’ll reply with the amount and my paypal information.
  • Send your payment and take note of the items below.

✿ Please pay for the paypal fee (Here’s a site to calculate, set it to Philippines(USD) and click on the tab 'To receive this' to compute the actual amount you need to send).
✿ Do not forget to put Art Commission and your Username in the transaction, so I’ll know where the payment is from.

Note: If I haven’t replied to you within 2 days, please resend your message.

Thank you very much for your time and reblogs are greatly appreciated. OvO/ <3


Part 2 of this

They’re all Minmindaisy’s charas _(:3_ //////////// huehuheuehuehsydgfsd <333333333333333333333333333333 Wants to draw more of these guys aughasgyaugdkfas

DANDELAZUUUUUUUUUUU _(:3 / <3333333333333333333333333333333333333 Their designs look SO GOOOD ///////////////


Ignore the dialogues, I was messing with minmindaisy while streaming _(:3_

I was itching to draw our boyband OCs and I’m happy I managed to draw without much difficulties other than coming up with the ridiculous designs on the spots LMAOISHSADFH WEEPS _(:’3_ Waits for minmindaisy’s last member before I draw her set of three hotties too and possibly butcher in the process….. /////////////////////////

GEEEROOONIMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS back to assignments tomorrow ./tearily dives/


Their clothes look amazing Dandelazu Q__Q!! <33333333333333 

AFLKJALFJ //// I’LL DRAW OKAYBOY-KUN (;3c) SOON UWAHHH //////// then our kpop boyband will be complete at lasttt!!